Chad Veal

Videographer and Editor

Chad has over five years of experience in video production, working on projects from the first shoot to the final edit. He loves immersing himself in the action, filming interviews and events, and then weaving the story together in the edit bay. From TV spots to hour-long documentaries, Chad works closely with our producers to create powerful pieces for our clients.

Chad grew up in Indianapolis as the middle child, sandwiched between two sisters. Now, he lives with his friends in Bates-Hendricks, where you might spot him going out for a run. Chad’s favorite way to unwind is running or hiking in a new place—and he’s pretty good at it, too. He even ran the Boston Marathon in 2022, while the INNO team cheered him on from afar!

Chad's Favorite INNO Memory

"Filming the team in action on Pacers Media Day!"