Kendall and Casey came to us with a name, a logo, and delicious ready-to-drink cocktails. From there, we worked with them to develop a brand worthy of their product: premium, elegant, and luxe while still feeling fun and approachable.


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Adult Spring Break is a premium, ready-to-drink cocktail line that exudes everyday luxury.

When we were kids, Spring Break was a time of pure fun and relaxation. That’s why Kendall and Casey created Adult Spring Break, a line of decadent, ready-to-drink cocktails that are beautifully balanced and expertly executed.

The logo for Adult Spring Break was developed by Kendall and Casey’s best friend and designer, Cameron Shepard. INNOVATIVE then stepped in as Adult Spring Break’s lead marketing partner, helping with their brand development, initial launch, and ongoing marketing needs.

For this project, we wanted to create a brand identity that truly embodied their mission, reminding people that taking a break isn’t selfish—it’s self-care! We started the brand development process by identifying key target audiences, building out the brand voice, and developing a full messaging hierarchy. Then, once the brand foundation was solidified, we moved on to visual needs—such as packaging.

Package Development

We used the circle element from the ASB logo to create a simple, elegant brand look. On the bottles, we started with a sleek black label, using the negative space to emphasize the vibrant cocktail colors. We then repurposed the logo shape to create a dynamic, interlocking swoosh on the label. This element adds a fluid curvature to the bottle that pairs well with the brand identity.

Custom photography and videography truly brings a direct-to-consumer brand to life.

During their first year on the market, Adult Spring Break had an amazing opportunity to engage their customers, listen to their feedback, and really adapt their brand to their audience. What started as a focus on elegance and luxury has evolved into a more fun, relatable brand—and that especially comes through in their custom photography. While the product is still as premium as it gets, we designed the visual brand elements to make that “sense of luxury” feel more approachable and relatable to the everyday consumer.

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Package Design


Ongoing Video Assets

Ongoing Photo Assets

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"What I like about partnering with INNOVATIVE is that they truly care about our mission. I need the people who are telling our story to be as excited as I am about what we're trying to accomplish in the city. And that's exactly what I get from INNOVATIVE every single time."

Casey Whitley

Co-Founder | Adult Spring Break

Product Photography

For product photos, we use clean, vibrant shots over black to accentuate their packaging. This naturally elegant style emphasizes the color contrast, while adding a subtle reflective quality for more depth. We also bring in fresh ingredients to garnish the cocktails, demonstrating how these ready-to-drink cocktails offer bartender quality in the comfort of your home. This approach helps the audience quickly understand each cocktail’s flavor palate—as well as Adult Spring Break’s commitment to using the high-quality, all-natural ingredients.

Lifestyle and Environmental Photography

Since the brand launch, INNOVATIVE has worked with Kendall and Casey to capture custom photography and videography of the brand in action. From pool parties to bonfires, we have organized shoots in a variety of locations, creating content that strategically features Adult Spring Break while still feeling authentic. Our approach has adapted over the years to focus more on fun, friendship, and relatable moments in everyday life. But this custom photography has helped Adult Spring Break quickly meet their ongoing needs as the business grows and scales.

Social Video

Throughout this process, INNOVATIVE has captured both video and photo content for nearly every shoot, event, and filming opportunity we’ve had. We try to leverage each shoot for multiple purposes, so we can maximize the return on investment for our clients. This is especially important for startups like Adult Spring Break, ensuring that they always have engaging video assets for use on social media, their website, and other media opportunities.

Building brand equity with a custom WordPress website.

We used WordPress to build a custom website for Adult Spring Break that will continue to grow alongside the brand. In the long-term, this website will become a hub for all things ASB, where customers can learn about the cocktails, the founders, the brand, and more. Stay tuned to their website in the coming months as they roll out some very exciting new things!