Be Bold.
Think Innovative.

Our Suite of Marketing Services

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Our work is all about the ignition and detonation of ideas.

From brand design to video production, INNOVATIVE is a full-service agency built for smart marketing and strategic problem solving. Since 1993, our team of talented creators has designed new ways to build your brand and move the meter. We spark creative solutions to your everyday problems, and we always deliver quality content with meaningful results.

Because that’s what it means to be INNOVATIVE.

Creative & Design

Strong branding is the foundation of great marketing. Whether you’re launching a startup or rebranding your business, we help you invent an identity that speaks to your audience. We use the building blocks of good design and powerful storytelling to create something entirely new and entirely yours. So, your brand always leaves a lasting impression.

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Video & Photography

Every organization has a story worth telling. You just need the right team for the job! At INNOVATIVE, we cut our teeth in the high-speed world of broadcast television, filming and editing for national networks. Now, we bring that Emmy Award-winning expertise to every video production project—from the first script to the final edit.

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Content Marketing

Marketing is nothing without strategy. You can have the coolest content or the cleverest copy, but it takes a savvy strategist to plan a campaign that delivers results. That’s why we begin every project with a concrete content strategy—based in proven best practices for multi-channel distribution and optimization. Because success comes to those who plan it.

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Events & Presentations

Behind every great event is an expert planner. From national meetings to hybrid livestreams, we know how to execute events that make an impact. We help our clients roll out the red carpet with jaw-dropping proposals and unforgettable experiences. And when things go unexpected, our team has the experience to ensure your presentation goes off without a hitch.

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Digital Marketing

Digital marketing isn’t just the future of advertising—it’s the NOW. Successful brands are already harnessing web analytics to expand their reach, target key audiences, and convert skeptics into customers. You need a partner who can navigate the jargon and build a CMS to maximize your ROI.

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"INNOVATIVE is always my first call when I have a big idea or a huge project. When Indianapolis started the Super Bowl bidding process, they were in the trenches with me from day one to the very final wrap-up meeting. I’ve partnered with them countless times over the years, and they’ve never let me down. It’s always refreshing to have a partner that you never have to micromanage or check up on because they are moving with such speed, purpose, and vision. INNOVATIVE is definitely that partner. I can’t recommend their team enough."

Allison Melangton

Senior Vice President | Penske Entertainment