INNOVATIVE partnered with the Indy Chamber to develop Life in Indy—a new initiative focused on attracting talent to the Indy region. We designed the proposal and successfully pitched it to the Lilly Endowment for funding. Since then, INNOVATIVE has been the technical and content lead on the project, guiding all content strategy and curation, video production and photography, and overall web development.


Marketing Strategy
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Custom WordPress Development
Article Writing
Video Production
Content Distribution
Videography and Photography

Life in Indy is all about telling the region’s story—with authentic voices from local residents.

Sometimes, image marketing campaigns can look, feel, and sound a little too polished. That’s why we wanted Life in Indy to be a platform for genuine, honest storytelling—not the marketing agency version of “authentic.”

As we build out content for Life in Indy, we put care into our content creation. All of our Neighborhood articles are written by people who actually live in the neighborhood. Things to Do articles are written by people who’ve experienced the region firsthand, and our Indyfluencer testimonials are always unscripted. Because our mission is to help locals—regardless of their writing background—share what they love about the Indianapolis region. is a content hub for local articles, videos, and photography.

The Life in Indy website is uniquely designed for talent attraction—with a wide range of content to help visitors envision their life in Indy. All of the content created for this initiative lives at, including relocation guides, lifestyle articles, opportunity maps, and more. Together, these tools and assets allow visitors explore the region for themselves.

We intentionally designed the website with a minimalistic style, using only black and white with a hint of light blue. This ensures that visitors are immediately drawn to our vibrant photography and video assets, focusing on the storytelling that truly brings our region to life. Meanwhile, on the WordPress backend, we are continually optimizing and enhancing the website, adding new custom features to improve the user experience.

Search Engine Optimization is the backbone of our content marketing strategy.

In the past, Indianapolis has tried investing in other image marketing campaigns—but their primary strategy always focused on paying for visitors. For Life in Indy, we intentionally designed the campaign around long-term, organic traffic. This strategy has heavily depended on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to drive visitors to the website. In fact, we focused on building a completely organic audience for an entire year before balancing our content strategy with paid campaigns. This long-term focus on the future will ensure that Life in Indy continues to grow in the background as our articles gain traction.

We are proud to give Hoosiers a platform to share why they #LoveIndy.

Our team wrote a few of the articles on Life in Indy, but the vast majority of our content was written by Indy residents—everyday people, not just writers. INNOVATIVE works with each author to refine and edit their article content, while still maintaining their unique, authentic voice. We’ve also interviewed over 100 residents (and counting) to create video content for the Life in Indy website and social media.

Altogether, this content features a powerful mixture of testimonials, long-form articles, and key messages about the Indianapolis region. But most importantly, Life in Indy helps foster a sense of pride in our community—as we celebrate all the people and places that make Indy home.