Ted K. Pagonis

Web Developer

Ted has 20 years of experience writing code, building websites, and solving problems with interactive projects. As a developer, Ted loves turning flat designs into live websites, marrying art and tech to create something both beautiful and functional. He prides himself on thinking beyond the code to develop intuitive solutions that best serve each client’s needs.

While other kids were playing sports or chasing crushes, Ted was unapologetically purchasing domains and writing PHP. He built his first website as a freshman in high school and started his own tech consulting business at the tender age of 21. Now, in his time away from the keyboard, Ted enjoys cooking, gardening, car spotting, and traveling the world with his wife Annie.

Ted's Favorite INNO Memory

"During my interview, Conrad was so giddy about “hiring a human developer” who would actually socialize in the office! That was very validating to me, as an extrovert in the world of programming."