Jeff VerWayne

Art Director

Jeff has over 20 years of experience producing creative and compelling designs for our clients. He brings an artistic perspective to every project, designing a variety of visual assets from storyboards to web design. Jeff is especially passionate about brand creation and logo design, where he can immerse himself in the brand and help define their look over the course of the partnership.

Outside of work, Jeff enjoys spending time with his wife Jeanelle, their two kids Evan and Aida, and their cat Leo (who thinks he’s a dog.) In his free time, he enjoys listening to podcasts, reading tons of comics and books, and watching any and all documentaries he can find. Jeff’s also played guitar since the 8th Grade and regularly volunteers at his church’s worship team.

Jeff's Favorite INNO Memory

"My first two hours on the job were spent installing cabinets. What I learned that day was: always jump in and help, regardless of your job title—and never listen to Rex."