Drew Fasano

Art Director

Drew has worked at INNOVATIVE for more than 10 years, designing creative solutions and engaging visuals to build our clients’ brands. His eye for design helps our clients clearly communicate their brand identity and solve their marketing problems—from logo concepts to web design. Drew especially loves concepting and brainstorming unique ways for clients to stand out from the crowd and appeal to their audience.

Drew’s family is his biggest motivator, always driving him to be better. When he’s not juggling work and time with his toddlers, Drew loves woodworking in his garage or traveling to places like Positano and Barcelona. And after a long vacation, there’s nothing better than coming home to his dog Cannoli Waffles and annoying cat Diego.

Drew's Favorite INNO Memory

"There used to be a lot of people in the office with nerf guns. Nerf wars would randomly break out during the day, which was a great break for 10 minutes or until a truce was negotiated."