Therese Langfitt

Motion Graphics Designer

Therese has over 30 years of experience in animation and graphic design. She joined INNOVATIVE back in its early years, and her skillset has evolved alongside the company, adapting to new technology and techniques. Whether she’s designing a presentation, creating graphics for a video, or animating giant projection shows, Therese loves taking a design and bringing it to life through animation.

When she’s not working, Therese enjoys spending time with her husband, their two daughters, and the family cat, Teddy. They often travel the country together on long, winding road trips or flights back home to Ireland. But here in Indy, you can usually find Therese cooking, gardening, trying new DIY projects, and dreaming of taking a painting class—one of these days!

Therese's Favorite INNO Memory

"The year INNOVATIVE hosted the Outdoor Games, while working on the bid for Super Bowl XLVI."