The Jim Irsay Collection is a musical phenomenon, allowing the world to witness some of the most historic instruments live in concert. Jim Irsay and his team approached INNOVATIVE when their concerts outgrew the small stage and became a full-on production—filling stadiums across the nation. So, we traveled the country with The Jim Irsay Band, helping them execute and elevate their concerts with dynamic video content.


Video Production
Motion Graphics
Live Event Production
Stage Management

The Jim Irsay Collection tours with some of the greatest songs and instruments in Rock & Roll history.

Jim Irsay—renowned philanthropist and Owner of the Indianapolis Colts—has a deep passion for rock music. Over the years, he’s assembled a massive collection of historic artifacts, memorabilia, and instruments from music history, including guitars played by Prince, Bob Dylan, John Lennon, and more.

In September 2021, Irsay started taking his collection on tour. He set up free exhibitions across the country, displaying his priceless collection alongside a live performance from The Jim Irsay Band. As the venues grew larger and larger, Irsay came to INNOVATIVE for help producing the live events—and making every concert an unforgettable experience.

Irsay envisioned new video elements that would elevate the concert experience.

The first concert INNOVATIVE worked on was at Navy Pier in Chicago. The Jim Irsay Band was set to perform a cover of “One of My Turns” by Pink Floyd, and Irsay wanted to introduce the song with an homage to the original music video. We quickly filmed, edited, and produced that video—and then made 20 more videos for the rest of the set list in just one week.

Prior to that Chicago concert, The Jim Irsay Band didn’t incorporate any video elements. Now, every song has a unique visual accompaniment that captures the energy and tone of the performance.

Creative video concepts breathe new life into every performance.

Leading up to each concert, INNOVATIVE creates all the content for the LED wall display during the performance, including an intro video and background content for each of the songs played.

These videos feature a unique blend of film and animation, depending on the song in question. For one video, we filmed Jim Irsay at his home in Indianapolis. Another one used vintage home movies to create a nostalgic film piece. But most of the videos feature creative animated sequences to engage listeners and help them visualize the song as they hear it.

INNOVATIVE traveled the country to help produce these events.

In preparation for each concert, INNOVATIVE works with the Executive Producer to assemble a live production crew. Our team helps manage the live production, calling when the songs start and directing the video display. We even direct the image magnification (IMAG)—which projects the stage performance on screen. With each stop on the tour, we become more involved with Jim Irsay’s team, as we help them create an immersive experience for fans across the country.