Relieve Your Stress with an Experienced Event Partner

Event management is a unique form of marketing that goes beyond basic branding or content collateral. If you’re planning to host your next annual meeting or fundraiser, you need a partner who knows how to execute events in style.

At INNOVATIVE, our history of producing broadcast television gives us a distinct skillset to help our clients pull off even the largest live events—and do so differently than many other event companies.

We opened our doors in 1993, and at the time, the majority of our business was packaging television shows for our sister company, Lingner Group Productions (LGP). LGP would hit the road to produce live-to-tape sporting events around the world and send those tapes back to INNOVATIVE. We would then edit those shows for networks such as ESPN, NBC Sports, and other major channels.

Our business naturally evolved from these broadcast roots, expanding our expertise in other forms of marketing. We realized that in many ways packaging a sports event for television is very similar to producing live events for corporate audiences.

So, it made a lot of sense when we decided to help our clients produce their live events and meetings. After all, we already had editors that could create tape roll-ins for a live show. Our producers already had experience writing scripts for on-air talent, coaching them to deliver their addresses. And we had the necessary designers and animators to generate compelling visual content for the stage.

Our broadcast background helps us captivate live audiences.

Our experience in live television has trained us to think big when it comes to events. Yes, we can do the typical “talking heads with slide support” approach. But we can also push the envelope and create a sense of spectacle that will wow your audience.

You can see this outside-the-box thinking throughout our portfolio, whether we’re projection mapping on Monument Circle or producing video elements for the Jim Irsay Band. Even our product reveals are designed to make an unforgettable impact, like when we dropped the last Dodge HEMI-engine truck from the sky to mark the end of an era.

Having been in the business for 30 years now, we’ve also built up a vast directory of experts and partners we can pull from to consult about technology or strengthen our connections to well-known global talents. Combine that with some good old-fashioned R&D, and we can come up with some captivating ideas.

But the big “wow factor” doesn’t always have to be a visual jaw-dropper. We can also help you book the right motivational speaker, entertainment, or musical act to fit your theme and messaging perfectly. We always prioritize ideas and activations that will resonate most with your audience and inspire them to get involved. And if our big ideas are outside the budget, we can always scale back to suit your needs and means.

Helicopter drops Dodge vehicle on drag strip
Dodge Last Call Title Card
People filming the Dodge reveal on their phones
Clip from the Dodge Last Call Presentation
Crew unloads Dodge car from the helicopter
Live interview during the Dodge Last Call event

We’re happy to put the headset on, so you don’t have to.

On the technical side of things, we also work well with AV equipment providers. Being a good event manager means being able to “talk tech” with the equipment provider to ensure we’re delivering the client’s vision. We’ve partnered with many different groups from all over the world, coordinating events across language barriers and time zones.

AV providers like that we collaborate with them on the best technical methods to make the event a success, using lighting, sound, and screens as needed throughout the venue. We also work alongside these providers during the event, typically assuming the roles of Producer, Director, and Stage Manager. We usually fill these positions so that the client—who may not be technically savvy—doesn’t need to be responsible for how the day-of operations come together.

I once had a client tell me that they were so happy to hand over their event headset to me because it “completely stressed them out.” I simply responded, “There’s no need for you to wear the headset. You’re the client. Let us do that for you.”

From concept to completion, our team works hard.

For us, the event development process can begin as early as the Request for Proposal (RFP) stage, in which an organization compiles bids from multiple content producers and decides which agency’s idea best matches their vision. Depending upon the requirements, we can begin our ideation and theming process based on any information provided within the RFP.

However, our preferred method of creation is to build the event’s theme, branding, and messaging hierarchy in collaboration with the client’s internal communication team.

Once awarded the project, we continue to finalize the event structure while starting to bring the look to life. We begin by designing the staging and providing a graphics toolbox, which gives us a standardized brand for all the visual elements of the event. This includes everything from presentation slide templates, to announcement videos, to animated transitions.

For multi-day events and meetings, we work with the client to determine what makes up each general session, as well as potential breakout sessions throughout the day. Depending upon how each session flows within the overall event, we weigh its importance accordingly.

From there, our staff producers take over and assess what is necessary for the success of their assigned sessions. These sessions may include videos, entertainment events, and even live workshops for us to produce. All of these pieces eventually filter into our production schedule which is appropriately backtimed to ensure every element stays on schedule.

Crowd at Roche National Sales Meeting
Performance at a Jim Irsay Band concert

In my experience, there’s nothing like hosting a live event.

Producing live shows is particularly special for me. Thanks to my background producing live television at Butler University, as well as my musical performance experience, I have been personally involved in many of INNOVATIVE’s productions over the years. Many times, I assume the role of Stage Manager because I’m deeply familiar with the client’s needs after helping to plan their event from start to finish.

Putting on the headset and working in a live environment is a thrill for me and adds an extra degree of excitement to my role as Director of Client Strategy at INNOVATIVE. It’s also extremely helpful for our clients to have their account manager on-site, as things can (and typically do) change during production. By being present at the venue, I’m able to quickly execute any last-minute alterations to the overall scope of the event, making our client’s jobs even easier.

Ultimately, seeing the final product unveil itself onstage or on-air provides a great sense of accomplishment and closure. Large-scale events can potentially take up to six months to craft, including weeks of work from our people and partners. So, when all of the hard work and moving parts come together for a successful event, I am always proud to say I had a hand in creating something special.