Indiana Sports Corp

What I like about partnering with INNOVATIVE is that they truly care about our mission. I need the people who are telling our story to be as excited as I am about what we’re trying to accomplish in the city. And that’s exactly what I get from INNOVATIVE...


So many times when you’re confronted with a big challenge or you have a big idea you can sometimes get a lot of pushback or be told all of the reasons that can’t happen, but the INNOVATIVE team is all about solving problems and figuring out solutions that...


There’s not an organization in this town who has asked for help from INNOVATIVE and been told no. And frankly, they ask for help and what comes is like nothing they could have hoped for. That generosity, that spirit, and that willingness to ask “how can I...

Notre Dame

I know [INNOVATIVE’s] impact on the city goes far beyond their work on sports bids—with all of the things they’ve done and projects they’ve worked on to showcase their hometown in the most favorable light.

Eric Holcomb

I for one am so grateful for the way they put their experience and expertise to work right here at home during an unprecedented global pandemic. They worked right beside us, in front of us, behind us, whatever it took to get the work out to Hoosiers.