Shawn Mollet

Creative Director and Motion Graphics Designer

Shawn brings over 20 years of experience to the INNOVATIVE team, specializing in dynamic 2D and 3D animation. Shawn leads all concepting and creative execution for major motion graphics projects, ensuring that we’re constantly pushing the boundaries for our clients. He especially enjoys technical challenges and researching creative applications for new technologies, such as augmented reality.

For Shawn, his wife and son are pretty much the reason for it all. He loves cooking and spending time with them, as well as working around the house. Shawn does a lot of hands-on building of things, like welding in his workshop or working on motorcycles. He even races vintage motorcycles when he’s not riding his bike into work!

Shawn's Favorite INNO Memory

"I take great pride in our team’s ability to figure out the impossible, so my favorite projects are the ones that shouldn’t have worked—technologically or temporally. Shining a Light and the Royal Caribbean Pier 17 Event stand out in my memory."