Rex Slone

Network Administrator and Engineer

Rex is INNOVATIVE’s resident IT engineer and Renaissance man. He has over 20 years of experience developing technical solutions for both our company and our clients’ needs. From light bulbs to live streams, Rex prides himself on being a jack of all trades who excels at finding solutions, fixing problems, troubleshooting tech, and lying with a straight face.

Back at home, Rex and his wife Nicole raise three wonderful kids: Conner (who’s wicked smart), Isabelle (who’s wicked caring), and Landon (who’s wicked talented). All three are active athletes, and Rex often gets involved with their extracurriculars. He’s even president of one of the largest youth basketball programs in the state—with around 1,500 total players.

Rex's Favorite INNO Memory

"Too many to list; it’s been 20 years. But I come with my own warning label in the INNOVATIVE new hire handbook."