Cathy Meisel

Business Manager

Cathy is the backbone of INNOVATIVE, singlehandedly ensuring that the company remains functioning and profitable. As a licensed CPA with over 40 years of experience, Cathy handles all things financial, including payroll, HR, and accounts payable and receivable. She also helps with overall office management and anything that “doesn’t require a creative brain.”

Cathy has a sister in Indianapolis, a brother in Milwaukee, and four beautiful nieces out in the world. She’s also “mom” to Riley Grace—her three-year-old English Cream Retriever who loves visiting the INNOVATIVE office. In her free time, Cathy enjoys shopping, watching TV, and sitting on the deck in her backyard, reading a good book while watching Riley play.

Cathy's Favorite INNO Memory

"Honestly, our recent Pathfinder Award. I was glad to see all the creative people here at INNOVATIVE get the recognition they deserve."