Ashley Renae Jackson


Ashley has over five years of experience in video and media production, creating everything from music videos to documentary films. As a producer, Ashley approaches every project with an adaptable attitude—ready to strategize, innovate, and find new ways to engage. She especially enjoys tackling each project’s unique challenges and collaborating with clients to create solutions where others see problems.

For Ashley, her relationship with God is the constant thread that ties everything together and motivates her creativity. She spends her free time composing music, learning new languages, and exploring new parts of Indy. Ashley is super close to her family even though they live five hours away in Cleveland, but she is so glad she’s found a second home at INNOVATIVE!

Ashley Renae's Favorite INNO Memory

"Seeing everything come together for the Indianapolis Ballet’s Ballet & Cabernet Gala Celebration. We invested so much time and care into making sure it was a great event, and I’ve always been inspired by dancers."