Pursuit of Speed

Pursuit of Speed


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A few weeks before the 99th running of the Indianapolis 500, ESPN came to INNOVATIVE with a dilemma. They wanted to develop a feature video about speed, or more specifically breaking speed records, since there was the possibility drivers would do so during qualifying.

Thus, INNOVATIVE got to work developing a concept that would be exciting and memorable, regardless of a broken record.

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The idea spanned throughout history and connected the evolution of technological advancements with the heart and determination of the drivers, who are continuously pushing limits to set new records. Visually, INNOVATIVE paired 2D line art designs with 3D modeling and animation to create a unique look and texture for the video.

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INNOVATIVE has a long history of working with ESPN to solve problems and create memorable stories, often under tight deadlines too. Our partnership spans to the very early days of INNOVATIVE and continues today.

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