2024 & 2026 NCAA Final Four Bid

2024 & 2026 NCAA Final Four Bid

Indiana Sports Corp

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Indianapolis takes pride in being a destination for some of the largest sporting events in the world. To carry on the proud tradition of being a host city, Indiana Sports Corp has worked side-by-side with INNOVATIVE over the years to bring events to Indy. One such collaboration included a pitch for Indianapolis to be the host city for the 2024 and 2026 Final Four tournaments.

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With multiple cities in the running to host the Final Four, INNOVATIVE knew we needed to create a presentation that would stand out. To accomplish this goal, we incorporated the facts and ideas Indiana Sports Corp wanted to present into a Keynote presentation.

With multiple people speaking about a wide range of topics, it was crucial that we illustrate this information clearly and concisely through photos and graphics. While these images were effective in presenting important ideas, we knew we needed to go one step further, so we produced two videos—one to open the presentation and another to close it.

The first video showcased Indiana’s love for hosting big events and its passion for the game of basketball. We communicated this message by showing the importance of something as simple as the basketball net to the game as a whole. It witnesses every basket scored and missed, and it is taken home by the members of the winning team to commemorate their accomplishments. Like the net, Indianapolis is part of the game. The city takes pride in what basketball has meant to its history and what it will mean to its future.

The final video looked back at Butler University’s run to the national championship game in the 2010-2011 season. While they fell just short of claiming the title, the Bulldogs saw firsthand what Indy has to offer both teams and fans of college basketball. We spoke with Brad Stevens, who shared his experience as Butler’s head coach at the time. In addition, we spoke with Barry Collier as both an alumnus cheering on his alma mater and as the university’s athletic director since 2006. While their perspectives on the championship were unique, their stories shared a singular core message: Indiana exceeded their expectations and elevated the Final Four to a new level.

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The successful bid to bring the NCAA Final Four to Indianapolis in 2026 was just one of the many accomplishments INNOVATIVE and Indiana Sports Corp have celebrated together. It is a relationship that goes back to 1993 when INNOVATIVE first started as a company. Since then, we have seen a Super Bowl, B1G Ten Championship games and an NBA All Star game come to Indianapolis.

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